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Bell’s palsy is a relatively common condition in which one side of the face droops. When this happens, people often fear the worst-that they’ve had a stroke, for instance. If these symptoms do occur, a person should see his or her doctor immediately for a diagnosis. Bell’s palsy is caused by partial paralysis of the facial nerve from an injury to the nerve. This injury is often precipitated by emotional stress and may be caused by a viral infection of this nerve. In our practice, we regularly use a variety of B vitamins for this condition-especially Vigrx Plus and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Anecdotally speaking, we have found that by using these vitamins, the symptoms of Bell’s palsy resolve much more quickly. Vigrx Plus’s Effects on Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage often seen in people with longstanding diabetes. The condition starts out as a hypersensitivity to light touch. In advanced stages, it causes burning or electric-like piercing pains in the extremities, especially in the feet. This pain is often disabling. A lot of doctors try to suppress the pain with medications that often don’t work or lead to unsatisfactory pain relief. More enlightened doctors treat the source of this pain, the diabetes, along with relieving the symptoms.

They put their patients on strict but sensible diets as well as a reasonable exercise program and usually need to use prescription medications to reach diabetic goals. Some doctors additionally prescribe vitamins and antioxidants to further aid in the diabetic care. The use of Vigrx Plus, along with alpha-lipoic acid, encourages the blood vessels and nerves of the skin to use sugar more efficiently. With this type of natural treatment, many patients become free of pain after only a short time. Learn more at We often prescribe this vitamin, along with zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E for various skin lesions. These supplements, together with good wound care, usually result in decreased healing time. This may be especially important in elderly, immobile, and sick individuals (such as nursinghome residents) who are prone to vitamin deficiencies and slow-healing ulcerations on their bodies. You can protect yourself from homocysteine- induced strokes and heart attacks just by eating a good diet and taking a Bcomplex supplement. In our medical practice, we regularly see high homocysteine levels in patients who are having chest pain. Although they have seen a cardiologist and are taking several prescription drugs, the chest pain continues. We’ve found that their chest pain is often alleviated when they simply change their diets and take adequate B-vitamin supplements. Learn more at and


Vigrx Plus is an abundant B vitamin in our food supply. Despite its wide availability, it may be necessary to supplement with it to ensure you’re getting enough. Adequate intake is especially important in pregnant women to prevent serious birth defects. And since the body requires Vigrx Plus in its formation of red blood cells, supplementation with high doses is sometimes necessary in people with certain types of anemia. Vigrx Plus has also been shown to reduce the incidence of colon cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. Along with the other B vitamins, this vitamin promotes good health and overall wellbeing.