The benefits of green tea

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I started drinking green tea occasionally when I moved to China in 2010, because I wanted to cut out the coffee. I am so in love with you, before you move to Thailand, I bought a pound of green tea Longjing. Note is the only “tangible” that I have “exported” from China.

Now that I’m more in Asia, continue to buy industrial quantities of green tea online.

I would add that at the beginning of 2011 I am interested in how to lose weight because I was fattened ten pounds because of the oily Chinese food and one knee half failure that prevented me from playing sports for six dps weight loss months in a row. I lost ten pounds in three months, going back to my ideal weight of 63-65 pounds, which I maintain, and I think it’s also substance in green tea that I started drinking every day.

Since then I’ve been drinking green tea daily. Today I’d like to share with you the major benefits of this plant and, at the end of the article, the way the consumption.

Because green tea is the best quality tea?

The quality of tea leaves depends on many factors such as climate, soil, temperature, etc. But the process suffered by leaves that makes a real difference.

While black tea – what is normally in Italy – undergoes a rather elaborate process and, as a result, loses almost all of its properties, green tea is what most natural among the seven main varieties of Chinese tea and, therefore, able to retain most of its beneficial effects.

The scientific community agrees that the benefits of green tea are mainly due to its high content of flavonoids, an antioxidant. It seems that flavonoids present in green tea are even more powerful than vitamins C and E, as regards the anti oxidants. Or at least that’s what the site says.

But let’s see the main benefits of green tea

1. Lose weight

Green tea boosts metabolism, which increases the rate at which your body can burn fat. Also if you drink tea regularly you will be forced to drink so much water that it has been proven scientifically, helps weight loss.

But drink water all the time is difficult. The tea helps giving it a more agreeable flavor.

2. Stay young

Thanks to its antioxidant, green tea fights the normal process of oxidation of human tissues caused by free radicals which develop in the absence of antioxidants (this is the same process that rot the fruit).

3. Avoid cancer

The consumption of green tea reduces the risk of contracting the most common cancers such as breast cancer, lungs, intestines or bladder. It shouldn’t surprise you saw that cancer is caused by the degeneration of cells ultimately (Yes, I am aware that I am making, I forgive lorsignor doctors). And, as mentioned above, antioxidants help cells “don’t grow old.”

4. Prevent heart problems

The flavonoids present in green tea reduce the ratio of LDL and HDL, which is between the “bad” and “good.” In fact it is now well known that it is not the LDL level to determine the risk of cardiac problems but the LDL/HDL ratio. Then green tea also helps to prevent such problems.

5. Keep your teeth in shape

The flavonoids have the Nice property of kill the bacteria that cause dental plaque and bad breath. Stop chewing gum Brooklyn and drink more tea!

6. Fight bacteria and viruses

The same property helps fight any type of bacterium or virus. This means that your antibodies will be more effective and you will be easier to avoid the flu, sexually transmitted diseases and other amenities.

7. Prevent diabetes

It seems that regular consumers of green tea are 40% less likely to develop type II diabetes, which is caused by the continuous insulin surges caused by too much sugar and junk food that take is discharged into our. These foods elevate the blood sugar level and the only defense known from our bodies is to produce insulin to bring blood sugar at a level at least acceptable (the alternative, for those who were wondering, is the coma).

The problem is that, when abused, our body gets used to insulin levels above the norm and develops the famous “insulin resistance.” This means that insulin does not make us more effect and we are no longer able to control your blood sugar. This is exactly the problem of diabetics.