Need files from hard drive and phone

I have a hard disc (IDE) which ran Windows XP Pro. The email program was Outlook express. It will not boot and I would like the emails off it. I can view the files if I connect it to another computer but I can’t look at emails because the computer I use to look at the disc runs Windows 10 and Outlook 2007. I need the data back – all the files if possible.

3TB WD My Passport Ultra (WDBBKD0030BBL) was dropped (~1m), causing the plastic housing to unclip on one side. The HDD no longer functions. It spins up, but is not recognised by PC, and upon tilting sounds as if arm is loose. Backups exist for some, but not all of the data. Contains important documents and photographs which are not backed up and in need of recovery.

I have western digital external hdd. Hdd platern was scratched is it possible to recover data from this disk.

I found a good post about rescuing the data from a mobile phone at and I have a similar problem with my Android phone. The android was dropped down the toilet, i tried the old rice trick but that didnt work, the phone sizzled a bit, im presuming some of the circuits were burning out. i did have the phone come on out of the blue for about 5 mins but then just turned off. Its been away to another company Kroll Ontrack but they couldnt do anything with it, they said they plugged it into one of there machine but nothing.

So both my hard drive and my phone have the same requirement – I need the files back from both.