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What the heck are you doing, without pheromones? I told you I was going to be here at 9:30 on the dot. It’s 9:30 on the dot. Why aren’t you ready? Can’t you read a clock?” None of Brad’s friends expect him to be a swell guy. Sometimes he toes the line, and other times he goes completely over it. Right now he’s toeing it, and his friend doesn’t appreciate it one bit. “You know how it is, man. I’ll be ready in like 15 minutes. Just come in, have a drink, watch Sports Center and chill out before we head out.” Brad starts getting angry and yelling at his friend. “Hey man! My time is important! You wanna jerk me around, find your own damn ride to the club! You snooze, you lose.” Learn more at

He peels his car out, leaving his friend standing outside wondering what the heck Brad’s problem is. Brad continues to speed all the way to the club, half thinking that he was totally within his rights, half feeling bad about leaving his friend behind your pheromone usage. Now he won’t have a wingman at the club, so he’ll be flying solo tonight, a position that he doesn’t relish much at all. He rolls up at the club, pays the valet five bucks and skulks off to go inside. Confronted by a door man for identification, he angrily pulls out his ID and barks, “I’m 29 years old, I think I’m old enough to drink.” The bouncer puts on his best fake happy face, inspects the ID, and says, “Sorry, sir, but we’re required by law to card everyone who comes in here. We can lose our liquor license if we let any underage people drink.” “Whatever,” he says, ripping his ID out of the bouncer’s hand, and heads into the club and tries on the newest pheromone cologne. Doug pulls the car up to his friend’s place. He’s meeting the gang there and it’s nice to be the driver. He doesn’t mind. It doesn’t take a lot of arm twisting to get Doug to show off his hot wheels to his friends and the public at large. He checks himself quickly in the mirror before he heads down the path and up the stairs to one of his buddy’s apartment. He rings the doorbell, greeting his friend with a hearty bro hug when he opens the door. There are three friends there. Two are college buddies, old pals from his baseball team, and the other is his first roommate from after college who he met through one of his college friends use more natural pheromones. The four sit around having a pre-game round, with Doug laying off because he knows he’s going to have to drive sooner rather than later. The liquor leads to storytelling, which leads inevitably to a discussion of college baseball. The gang all played in college, though Doug’s old roommate played in a different conference. “You know who could pitch? Feldman. Every time that guy took the mound I got a knot in my stomach. He couldn’t just throw like crazy, he knows pitching psychology like none other. He scared me. Learn more at