Extract files

I was at Oktoberfest and my phone got beer spilt on it. It was on and working for half an hour and then it died. I was camping so had no way of attempting to fix it, but the next day I put it in a bag of rice – I’ve left it in the rice for 2 days. Not too sure if you would be able to fix it or not? I’m mainly really worried about my photos as I don’t know if it got backed up.

I have 3 x 1gb Iomega Jaz drives come my way as part of my fathers estate, containing mostly picture files from images he has scanned. Sadly, he had not kept his drive, so I’m looking to have the files copied to DVD please. Can you quote me a price please?

Harddrive crashed, windows kept getting stuck at windows logo. Took harddrive out used a usb cable to connect to laptop, only detects 1 partition. Used linux to recover data but just freezes.

I would need to extract some files from a Iomega Zip 100 disk to a USB meme tu stick. How much would that cost me and when can I bring the disk to your Lombard street office?

I need to recover files from a broken Samsung Grand Duos (a rare phone bought in Brazil) SM-G530BT. Black screen and unable to open in recovery mode. Recognised by PC when connected to laptop but pop up window says “This Folder is Empty

I’ve got a Mid 2011 iMac 27″ that has got a GPU failure and can’t access to the OS. I would basically need a FireWire or Thunderbolt to retrieve the data using Target Disk mode. I could provide my external HD if necessary for the recover. If you could please provide to me more information about costs.